Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein - Director of Photography

Director of Photography since 1969


Physics Study (2Years) / Film Laboratory (2 Years) / Camera Assistant (5 Years)

Work as Director of Photography up to now:

43    Feature Films

53    Documentaries

17    TV  movies

6      Short or Art Films

7      Music Videos

70    Commercials

Special Experience:

Helicopter shoots, 360 degree dome-cinema, Techniscope, Black and White, Jury member  Cameraimage 2001, Lecturer

International Experience:

Worldwide filming experience including Greenland, Africa (Sahara dessert and 12 other African states), Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South America, Caribbean, United States; specializing in Asian countries (Vietnam, India, Nepal, Himalaya, Philippines).

Collaboration with:

Werner Herzog / Douglas Sirk / Werner Schroeter / Markus Fischer / Vallie Export / Alexander Kluge / Hans C. Blumenberg / Doris Doerrie / Joern Thiel / Pia Frankenberg / Douglas Wolfsperger / Cliff Robertson / Otto Jaegersberg  / Martin Schmid / Ralf Schmerberg / Rogier van der  Ploeg

Awards & Prizes

2  Film Awards in Gold for Outstanding Individual Achievement: Cinematography (the highest award for filmwork in Germany).

2 nominations for the German Camera Prize.

1 nomination for the Festival de l’Image de Film, Chalon sur Soune, France.

First Prize for DoP work in Fantasy Film Festival 2007 in Malaga, Spain.

Some Important Productions:  

- NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE  With Director Werner Herzog

- WOYZECK (with Klaus Kinski)

  1. -KASPAR HAUSER (Everybody against Himself and God

  against all)


  1. -With Markus Fischer (Director): BRANDNACHT (Burning


  1. -MARMORERA With Tikoy Aguiluz (Director): Documentary

  on Imelda Marcos


Including: Nike / Master Card / Bacardi (“Cuba Libre”) / Hypo Bank / Swiss Com / VW / Euro-Steel /  EON / Mercedes-Benz / DHL / T-mobile / T-home / Deutsche Post / Vodafone  /  AXA